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Refer A Friend

How important is this feature? Well the answer is very if you want to expand your readership and know about it. 

If you send correspondence out to a regular audience and your readership numbers are significantly higher than the distribution list, then it's more than likely that the email is being forwarded on and read by others. Wouldn't it be better to know all the people in your audience, rather than just the ones you send to?  Any email service worth it's salt will have an automated Refer-a-Friend facility. This makes it very easy for those you do correspond with directly to refer those they think, or know, will also be interested in what you have to say. 

How difficult is it to implement 

The email system you use should have a simple click box to automatically add on a Refer a Friend option into your email. Once you select the option, the option should appear on your emails in a predetermined position. 

When your readers ask to refer someone, they should be asked for their referral's email address, plus optional information such as name, address, company or other details relevant to your interests. Once they proceed, the referred person should receive an email from you telling them that they have been referred and asking them to double opt-in. They should then confirm their details and agree for you to contact them. Once they have agreed, they should be updated in your records and added to your distribution list.   It is possible for referrals to be managed manually but this obviously takes more time and runs the risk of error. 

If your campaigns are managed by your supplier, ask them to action the feature. 

How difficult is it to manage 

As long as the referrals are automatic, there should be no difficulty in managing them. Even manual referrals should be simple but are more prone to errors as people are not machines. 

How to check that your supplier does it well 

Firstly you need to make sure that they offer the feature. Then ask how they implement it. Ask for a demonstration to make sure they include double-opt-in and see for yourself how easy it is for someone to be referred and sign-up with you, and for you as a user to see who has been referred and who has referred them 

How can it go wrong 

There's not much that can go wrong. One issue is malicious behaviour, where someone refers someone else knowing that they will not be interested. Double opt-in helps to manage these. Other than this, human error in in-putting details cannot be ruled out but there is nothing you can do to help with this except check the syntax of email addresses when they are added. 

It really is that simple 

Just make sure you follow best practice and get people to double opt-in, you don't want to fall foul of spam laws or get a bad reputation.

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